Have you ever thought I will never know what my passion is – what is my purpose? I don’t even know what that means. We seek purpose. We seek passion. And then we make up what that means because how do you discover it. I’ve read the books, done the seminars and still wondered what is it? What is my purpose? I do not believe it is about purpose at all. It is about your innate knowing, that thing inside of you that says, brilliance. Those things you are great at and that everyone comments about. I am an encourager – always have been and I love people, but I can’t say I went into a profession that cultivated that in me. As a matter of fact, thought I tried to bring that part of forward it didn’t work at all in the profession I had chosen.

When someone says to you, how did you know that? And you think – how did I know that? That’s it.

That’s the seed.


You know how to be who you are, and you are the only one who does. Listen to those moments, when you ask yourself how did I know that? Or I have a talent at that and learn to cultivate those seeds inside you. Find the soil which is the industry that lets that part of you grow, find the friends and situations that will support you in the growth of that part of you that just knows what it knows. Be with those people and in those places that let the YOU OF YOU come through.